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Admin_lejazzhot here to tell you all what we're about.

This a project set up by university students for university students. There are going to be budding writers all over the world, wanting to get their work out there. Some will be doing degrees in creative writing, others won't. It might just be an English subject your minoring in if you're America, might not be available at your university or college or whatever but it doesn't matter because we're here and we want to post your work.

It doesn't matter where in the world you're at university, whether your studying creative writing or not all we ask is that you send in short stories between 500 and 4000 words and that the main character is either a university/college student or it is set in a university/college. It can be any genre, the university doesn't have to be in this world or time period, you could have anything from a student going through a pregnancy to a protest at a historical university to an extraterrestrial gunman landing and attacking.

You can let your imagination go wild as long as there's some idea of a university/college.

How To Send in Your Work:

If you have a Livejournal account then you can join the community and post, all posts are moderated so nothing of shoddy quality will make it online.

Make sure everything is proof-read.

If you need translations then I'm currently in contact with someone who will translate Portuguese or Spanish for a fee. (She's a poor university student herself, can't blame her for charging) and I will be trying to find other people to translate other languages but that is in progress.

If you're not an account holder then email your work to:dressmeupkurtie@googlemail.com


A Post

What else could I call this post other then what it simply is?

It's safe to say that so far TrollInTheUni hasn't been the most successful project. It seems as if the admin needs to advertise more and actually set deadlines so you wonderful people actually submit something in good time.

As it is, we have lots of wonderful possible submissions on the way but we could always do with more.

Submissions will be mixed between random posts listing or talking about people's real university/college experiences so please, keep your eye on us.



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